Music Reinterpreted: Hotline Bling

Sunday, November 1, 2015

My brother and I are cruising down the highway when I hear the faint sound of Drake's hotline bling on the radio. Being that this is my current jam I start screeching the lyrics with no shame and #noragrets
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My brother, in an effort to get me to shut the hell up for just one second, tries to distract me with a challenge.

"Sooooo Hamina, what do you think this song means?" It works, I love this game and I am ready with my answer because I have often wondered what this song REALLY means.

The biggest clue is in the line: "I know when that hotline bling / That can only mean one thing"

Here's a hint:
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Here's the gist of the story. The song is in the mayor's point of view and the subject of this song is his secretary Ms. Bellum. We all know they had a thing going on, the mayor was tots crushing on his leggy secretary.

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She used to call him on his cell phone and the poor infatuated mayor took this to mean that his infatuation wasn't one-sided, despite her calls being purely professional.

So the mayor leaves the city for a professional reason (let's say he is thinking about becoming a governor) but he leaves it in the capable hands of Ms. Bellum and her cell phone calls stop coming.

You know why? Cuz she's got her shit together unlike the flustered ditz of a mayor, she doesn't need to be checked on.

He was at least counting on her cell phone calls in case the hotline rang, cause lets face it, there was always a monster comin' around Townsville. Yet the statuesque ginger knew what that hotline bling meant. It meant the Powerpuff girls need to kick some ass!

The mayor feel dejected and left out as his town is running much smoother without his presence.

This is the obvious truth, nothing else makes sense and when I explained it to my brother he agreed as well.

 Though I realized afterward that by the time I was done explaining the song was over, but that's alright. I still kicked back into my seat and "sang" the song without any music....from the very beginning.

Btw, Sam Smith's cover of the song is
Click HERE to see the video

The original:
Click HERE to watch

If you have any other theories over this or would like to expand on mine, let me know!