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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sept. 5, 2015

We all have texted in class.
And some of us have gotten caught. (Most of us learn from it by either hiding it better or just avoiding it all together, but some of us don’t) 

I was once in a class where the professor said that she didn't tolerate the use of any devices in the class whether it was a cell phone, tablet or laptop. 
“Three warnings and then I drop you”.

Not many texts are worth losing the amount of money spent on a university class. Everybody pretty much agreed - except for that one guy.

This one guy always came to class at either the last minute, or late. The professor never called him out for it.

He always came wearing the same type of clothes in different colors: a visor, khaki short that end right at the knee, a pastel polo shirt tucked in and Bluetooth headphones. To me, he looked like he worked as at a country club as a tennis or golf instructor. 

Check out some of my theories below!

Which theory is your favorite? Do you have anymore that you think should be on the list? Let me know in your comments!

Until next time, laters...

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